Military Rhibs

They are the boats of the special forces such as the Navy Seals.
SOBS is an independent part of SPIDER ROCK and a full-service provider for Special Operation boats. If they are in Vienna, you have the unique opportunity to rent them including an experienced skipper.

Explanation of the term RHIB: Rigid hull inflatable boat

Charter your High Speed Military RHIB with skipper.

Depending on the Rhib, it can accommodate up to 5 people (Sillinger, Hurricane) or up to 10 people (Goldfish M12) on board.

A highly specialized design, powerful engines and an experienced skipper who ALWAYS adapts his driving style to the surrounding situation and the people on board, make these boats a safe experience.


Of course, our "smallest" is also our most agile. With its 400hp, it can still reach a top speed of just over 100km/h. In appropriate conditions (e.g. strong waves with a southerly wind), the ride can become a wild ride across the water.


With an impressive 900hp, the RHIB can reach up to 120km/h. Strong and manoeuvrable, this RHIB was designed not only for the high seas, but also for use on narrow rivers. Comfortable offshore seats help to make the adventure an – almost – comfortable experience, even in harsh conditions.


1050hp on a length of 12 meters allow our Goldfish to reach top speeds of up to 140km/h over the water under appropriate conditions. Depending on the position of the seat, this speed and incredible power of the three motors can be experienced in very different ways.

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